Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A Gift from Heaven

One reason we left to go to Wyoming was because my youngest brother Andy and his wife Desi were going to have there baby. We tried really hard to make it to the hospital before Jasmin was born. We were in Provo Utah when we got the phone call saying that she was here. I was a little sad but I was happy when we made it there safely. Jasmin Ray Skillin was born Dec 8Th 2009, and she was 7 lbs 12 ounces.

Andy wanted to make sure she was comfy so he put her head on a little hat for a cushion

Aunt Sarah and Uncle Marvin holding Jasmin a few hours after she was born.

Answered Prayers!!

Well it's been almost a complete month since I have last updated my blog and thought it was time to get caught up. On Dec 7 Marvin and I started our "fun" little journey to Kemmerer Wyoming. It started to rain a little while we were heading out but we thought it would be ok and continued our journey.

Rusty and Brick in the back seat.

Everything was going great until we got up into the mountains and it started snowing. The roads were icy and as we were heading up the hill behind a semi truck when they decided to stop. We ended up getting stuck going up. The Highway patrolmen where there helping one other car that had slid off the road not to far in front us. The patrolmen then came over to our car and told us if we didn't get going again soon he was going to give us a ticket for blocking the road. Then he drove off. We said a quick prayer and Marvin got out to push. About 1 hour later we got going again with no help from anyone on the road and no ticket. As I was driving down the side of the mountain we got stuck in a traffic jam. There had been a wreck. We sat there for almost 2 hours and then we started to go again. About 5 min into the ride we had to stop for another wreck. After another hour or so we finally got to go. We got behind a Semi truck and drove under 20 miles the rest of the way to flagstaff. We had the plan to exit and go back home but none of the exits had been plowed and the other side of the road was just as bad as the one we were on so we just kept going. When we left Phoenix it was about 10:30am and by the time we got to flagstaff it was 5:00pm. Marvin wanted me to drive because of my previous experience in the snow. I had white knuckles the whole trip. In Flagstaff it was snowing so bad they couldn't keep the roads clear so everyone was sliding and getting stuck. We decided to get a motel room so Marvin called a motel that would let us have dogs and got us a room. As we were driving to the motel we slid through 1 red light and another time almost slid off the road. We finally found our motel but the parking lot was full of snow and I couldn't make the turn so I decided to go to the one next door thinking I would be able to turn around. That was a big mistake!! We got stuck trying to make the turn. Marvin went in to get some help and we were able to make it out. Marvin and I got turned around and headed to our motel and got stuck making the turn into there parking lot. We finally got unstuck and into our room. I handed Marvin the keys and told him I was done! Later that night we said a prayer to thank Heavenly Father that we made it safely. We also found out from Momma Lunt that there had been like 65 injury accidents on the road that we had just been on and like 300 people had to be towed. Our prayers had been answered. This trip really strengthened my testimony on prayer.When we woke up we looked out the window to see our car bared in snow. We waited for the sun to un thaw everything out a little bit and then we were on the road again.

When we went to bed the parking lot was plowed

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Christmas light galore!!

On Monday Marvin and I looked up some neat houses that decorate a lot for Christmas and decided to go look at them for our family home evening. It was really exciting some houses had every inch of there house lite up with lights. Others had music that was synced to their lights. Our last stop was the Mesa temple. It was really beautiful and peaceful.

These houses would be really fun to take kids to.

Mesa Temple

We even got a picture of our lights hopefully we can put more up : )