Monday, January 5, 2015

Going out with a Bang!

Paisley literally left 2014 with a bang. On Dec 28th Paisley was standing in a chair in the family room. I told her to get down she was going to fall and get hurt and the next thing I know Paisley is on the floor crying and Marley is screaming "Mom Paisley Fell"! Paisley fell out of the chair and hit her elbow on the end table. I picked her up and tried to comfort her and she started favoring her arm. We weren't sure what exactly happened so I sat in the chair and held her arm still and she fell asleep. When she woke up she tried to play with Marley and every time she tried to do something with her arm she would start crying. So we packed the girls up and headed to urgent care. 4 Hours later we left with her arm in a splint and a sling and was told to come back to see a specialist. A couple days later we were able to get her into see the specialist. He told us she had a small fracture on her humorous bone. She did not need surgery but she did need a cast. When they asked her what color she wanted she yelled out as pink before they could even finish their sentence. She loves her pink arm and I have a feeling that when the time comes to take it off she is going to be a very sad little girl. I'm just happy she didn't need surgery!
Poor baby!

Waiting to see the specialist

Still waiting. They cut off the splint and she started scratching her arm like a crazy person. We had to keep her busy to keep her mind off of scratching.

Showing off her pink arm