Sunday, November 29, 2009

It's the most wonderful time of the year!!

I've been a little busy getting some Holiday projects done and I have finally finished them today!! A few days ago we went to Amy's, she let me use her saw to cut out some wooden stars for our tree. Once we got them all cut out she let us use some paint to paint them. She is sooo nice!! Thank you Amy. It took me a couple of days but I got them all done. here are some pictures of what they look like. There are three different colors with multiple sayings.

We also made some pinecone ornaments out of some wild pinecones we found at our family reunion.Virginia gave us a log that had some christmas decorations on it and we gave it a facelift. It's one of my favorite Christmas decorations that we have!
Marvin was very excited to get our Christmas tree up so we put it up on the 25th. Here is a picture of what it looks like with our home made decorations. We did have about 12 ornaments that are not home made. We found them at Michaels my new favorite store!

We have also put up some lights out side but you will have to wait untill it gets dark for those pictures. : )

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Our Little Theif

So Rusty has to eat a different food than Brick because if they eat each others food they get sick. Rusty really likes the Bricks food and even though he can't eat it. He still trys to sneak it. The other day Marvin caught Rusty sneaking some food from Brick.

Sweaters in Phoenix?

When I first met Marvin I never thought that it was possible to be cold in Phoenix. I figured that when it was in the 60's that it would still be short season. I have lived here long enough to think that when it is in the 60's it's time to bust out the sweaters. For a couple of days last week it was time to wear a sweater. Poor Rusty was shivering so I put his little sweater on him. Don't worry it's back up in the 90's again so for my family in wyoming you don't have to worry about us freezing to death. haha

Isn't he cute!!

Fun Filled Family Weekend

On October 23, Marvin and I packed the car to head to a family reunion. This will be our 3rd family reunion this year. It was pretty fun. We stayed in a house that Rod had built. This reunion was for Rod and Virginia and their children. The first day we went for a ride to Prescott. Rod and Virginia stopped with Nate and Tarin to got some food to take into the mountains for a pic nick; while Amy followed us into the mountains to get a good spot to eat. The ride was beautiful. A lot of the trees had changed for fall. Marvin had Amy follow us up to a look out spot. We were able to get some pictures.

Our little family
Amy and 3 of her kids. Garrett was with Nate and Tarin, and Robert was at school.

We found a really nice area to eat our lunch. It was surrounded by fall trees. We even got to get some cute family pictures with the fall leaves.

The beautiful Fall leaves

Our Fall Family Photo

Rusty posing for the camera

Brick even let us take a picture

This one is priceless. Sydni was great until I got down and she started screaming.

After the lunch we decided to head back to the house. When we got back Marvin and I took a nap along with a couple others. Then it was dinner time. Virginia had made chili beans. It was great!
Carson and Sydni enjoying dinner

Nate and Tarin's little puppy Dave was so cute eating dinner. He put his 2 front paws in the dish so he could eat and he kept scooting the bowl around the floor.

We sat around and talked. Then Marvin wanted to take the dogs for a walk so we got our dogs ready to go. Robert and Bubba came along. It was nice to have some quiet time with Marvin. With the house being empty the sound of kids and dogs get extra louder. When we got back we decided to play a nice game of clue, or so we thought. With the Lunt boys it's almost impossible to play a game where we can just except what is going on. They are so competitive. To give you an idea: Me and Marvin played monopoly with Nate and Tarin. At the end of the game I had all the properties and most of the money. Nate had just given me his last property and all he had was $10. He argued that he could still win because he might be able to buy back his property. yeah that's how it is. You can ask Tarin. : )

The next day it was time to go home and get ready for church. We had all decided to go to Amy's ward because her Children were having their primary program. So we packed the car. Rusty rode home in his kennel and Brick found a spot that did look that comfy.

Yep He decided to ride home on top of Rusty's Kennel.