Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A Trip to the Animal Hospital

Marvin and I decided to have date night early. We usually have date night on Friday but for some reason we decided to go early. We went and got our food and brought it home. After we finished eating I was a little tired so I decided to go lay down. Marvin decided he was going to take a shower so he would sleep better. While I left the front room to go into the bedroom to turn the TV on, Brick and Rusty decided they wanted to play. I didn't really think anything of it because they are always playing. I turned the TV on and then all of a sudden I heard the loudest heartbreaking cry I have ever heard. I ran to the front room and saw Rusty under our coffee table crying. It took me a good 2 minutes to get him calmed down. I put Rusty down to see if he would eventually put weight on his leg but that was out of the question. As soon as Marvin was done he check Rusty's leg. He thought it was broken, I thought he just jammed his foot or something. We talked about it for a few minutes then decided to take him in and get it checked. I'm really glad that they have 24 hour Animal Hospitals. Once we got there we filled out paperwork and than it took about 1 1/2 hours before they even got to us because there were so many other animals worse off than Rusty. I was really surprised at how well Rusty handled the situation. He just cuddled up on my lap and laid there. It broke my heart to know that my baby was in so much pain.

We finally got into a room and the doctor came in to look at him. It turns out that the doctor that checked Rusty was one of Marvin's distant cousins. He took one look at Rusty and said right away that his leg was broken. So the doctor took him to the back and took some Xrays. Sure enough it was broken. Rusty broke both of his bones in his leg straight across. Doctor Lunt said that Rusty's break was in a good spot and a good break. He said most likely that it would be healed with a cast. So they gave Rusty some pain meds and put a splint on his leg. After 3 hours of being at the animal hospital it was time to go home.

Doctor Lunt wanted us to go see a specialist to make sure that Rusty's leg could be healed with a cast. So we made an appointment to get him checked. Lets just say that for Rusty to get his broken leg fixed properly cost the same amount as Marley. It's insane how much they charge for those things. Even a cast was out of our price range. We talked to the specialist and decided that the only thing we could do for Rusty is keep him in a splint and hope it heals right. They said that there is a chance it won't heal properly and that he might have to get his leg amputated. So Rusty is on strict bed rest for 8 weeks and if it doesn't heal and we have to amputate his leg we will love him just the same.

Poor little guy : (