Thursday, April 1, 2010

One Year ALREADY?!

It's crazy how fast time flys by. Last year at this time I was getting all my things ready to go to Manti Utah. I was so excited because the day was just around the corner. It felt like forever since I had seen Marvin and I couldn't wait to see him again. It was down to the night before the big day. Both families had made it safely to Manti and it was going to be the first time that my family met his family. We decided to go out to dinner so they could get to now each other. We had a BLAST. At least Marvin and I did I'm not sure about the rest of them. I think from the time I said goodnight to Marvin I was asking my parents 10000 questions of things that could happen and things that were going to happen. I remember laying in bed at the motel and asking my dad "Wouldn't it be funny if Marvin got to the temple at the same time as us and we got to walk in the temple together" He would just laugh and say yeah it would be. It took me forever to go to sleep. It was worse than Christmas.

Morning finally came and it was time to go to the temple. We pulled up and parked the car and as we were walking to the side walk I looked over and Marvin and his parents were walking up next to us. I just started laughing. We walked into the temple hand in hand. As we sat in the room waiting for the ceremony to start I looked over and saw that there were only 2 empty chairs.

(Side Story) For those of you that know my Grandpa Clyde you would know that for all of his grandchildren married in the temple he waited patiently to greet them at the door to congratulate them. My Grandpa died a couple of years before we were married and I remember thinking how sad I was going to be because I wouldn't be able to hug my grandpa when I came out of the temple. I like to think that I was a little special because grandpa Clyde's temple work was done before I got married so I was the first grandchild that got to have him in the temple with me. I know that he sat in one of those chairs and was soo proud to see us there. I also had a cousin her name was Shannon. I idealised her. She was my hero. When I was little she was killed in a car wreck. I remember hearing my aunt Berta being afraid that I would forget her but there is no way that anyone would be able to forget such an amazing person!. I know that she was sitting in the other chair next to Grandpa Clyde. It was the coolest experience and I'm thankful for all the family that was there to share it with us.

After the ceremony we came out and took lots of pictures. It was very cold and cloudy. As soon as all the family pictures were taken we let them leave to get ready to head to Provo for a lunch in, while we stayed behind to get some couple pictures. We were able to get a couple of them and then it started snowing to much so we had to call it good.

Our Skillin Family
Our Lunt Family

We got our pictures taken and headed to Provo for lunch. I think we were the last ones to get there but it was fun to walk in and see all of our family cheer when we came in the room. The food was tasty and it was fun to visit and meet new family. After the luncheon we rushed home for the reception. Everything was decorated beautifully and we had fun visiting with guests.

It really is amazing how fast it went but there are many other things we did besides get married. We were blessed to have loving parents. Marvin's parents were very kind and bought a house for Marvin and I to fix up and live in. While we were fixing it up they let us live with them for 3 months. Some days it was a challenge but I wouldn't trade it for the world. I was able to bond with my in laws and became very close to them. My parents were able to come visit and help us a little on the house.

Marvin and I were able to go to a couple of family reunions, a missionary fairwell, a missionary homecoming, a baptism, and we even held a couple of yard sales.

We where able to attend my brothers wedding in August and in December we were able to visit my family to welcome our newest addition. Jasmin Ray.

Everyone says that the first year is the hardest but looking back on our first year I would have to disagree with them. Marvin is my best friend and I'm so thankful that I am sealed to him forever. We have a beautiful home, 2 fun friendly dogs, and our little family will be welcoming a new addition in October. The Lord has truly blessed us and we are so Thankful for them.