Saturday, October 5, 2013

Birthday Time!!

On Sunday September 29th we had family dinner at our house. We thought it would be a good Opportunity to celebrate the girls birthday's. Marley kept telling me that she wanted to have a princess birthday party. So Princess party it was. We handed out princess invitations, and waited for party day to arrive. Marley was so excited she couldn't wait. Every morning she would wake up and say it's my birthday. I would sadly tell her no it's not for a couple more days and she would sadly say ok mommy. By the time the party day had arrived she didn't believe us that it was finally here until we started decorating, then she was really excited.

 The Cakes

We did cake pops instead of giving everyone a slice of cake

Paisley wasn't to sure about it.


Clean up time

You would have thought it was Christmas with all the gifts the girls received. We are truly blessed to have such wonderful generous people in our family. Thank you for everything you all do for our family. We love you!
Marley's favorites at 3 year old
10. Playing cars
9.Mac & Cheese
8. Going to work with Daddy
7. Dora The Explorer
6. Everything Princess
5. Wearing Dresses
4. Ridding her bike
3. Playing with Brick
2. Hanging out with Mommy
1. Playing outside
Paisley's Favorites at 1 year old
10. Trying to steal things from Marley
9. Making Marley scream
8. Exploring
7. Going on walks in her stroller
6. Climbing the stairs
5. Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwiches
4. Putting the dog food in the dogs water
3.Eating Dog food
2. Playing with Marley
1. watching Cartoons with Marley

Birthday Pictures

On Saturday Sept 28th, I wanted to try and take pictures of the girls before their birthday's so I could display some of them for the party. We grabbed some props and went out to the front yard to take some pictures. Marley was more interested in twirling like a princess and Paisley was more interested in watching her but some of them turned out pretty darn cute if I say so myself.