Saturday, May 2, 2009

The best day ever

So today was pretty much the best day ever because we started putting in new stuff instead of just taking old stuff out. We broke down the wall between the kitchen and the living room and opened it up. after a couple of trips to the dump Marvin and Rod started to build our bar. I was so excited. : ) I hope you enjoy the pictures as much as I do : )
Marvin and Rod working hard.

The fruits of their labors.

There is some sad news. I looked in between the screen door and there was a poor lizard that had gotten smashed. It was sad. : (

Popcorn Galore

All we did on Day 4 was scrape the popcorn off of the ceiling. Whoever invented Popcorn ceiling should be shot. This stuff is bad news....Although a lot of spots it came off pretty well.
Whoever had this house before us put in a red light. You should see it at night. all I can do is laugh.

Our House Day 3

Day # 3

It's kinda hard to see but here is the kitchen.

Marvin found another mouse nest under the kitchen cabinets.

He also found the resident of the nest. There is another one hidden in the dirt. We took out more tile and the shower headWe even got lucky and got to scrap popcorn off of our ceiling.

Our House Day 2

Here is the progress for Day #2

The Living room. We took down all the wood Paneling.
The Kitchen..We tore down all the old Cabinets

We tore out all the old tile

The Bathroom. We tore out the old cabinet,tile, and toilet

That's where the cabinet was. When we tore it out we found a dead mouse and a huge nest.While Marvin was taring up the bathroom I thought I would tare down some wall paper

It came off easier than I thought it would.