Saturday, June 14, 2014

CH CH CH CH Changes

Boy have there been a TON of changes going on with our family this year. By now you have realized that I am a bad blogger and the only thing I can think of  to tell you why this is, is because I get so caught up with life that I totally forget that I have a blog. Already this year there have been 6 months go by with out a single stop to say what's going on in our family. I promise to work on that.... This time I mean it.

In February Marvin landed a job designing a 7000 sqft custom build home. I am so proud of him and the hard work he has put into to building his clientele. This job was the first job he has done without the help of someone else. He is 100% in charge of the design process. Anyway, he wanted to get an idea of what people were putting into their homes now so we decided one weekend to go out and look at model homes. We started looking at some homes and they were nice homes but nothing was really standing out for him. So we drove around and found one subdivision called Lion's Gate. We walked in and told the lady that we were just looking. I opened the door to the house and we instantly fell in love. This house was so beautiful. We walked thru it with stars in our eyes and then went in and Marvin started asking questions. Driving home and all Marvin could do was talk about how much he liked that house. I didn't think anything would come about. I thought he was just dreaming and we would move on with our lives. A couple days go by and he is still talking about how much he loved the house. He wanted to go back and see it again. Next thing I know he is talking about how much money we could sell our house for and telling me we could sell our house and move into the new house. Then I found myself agreeing to put our house on the market. I figured hey it doesn't hurt to try. I guess we can put our house up on the market and see if we get what we want. So we did. The house went on the market for $240,000. It had been listed for 6 days and we got a phone call from a realtor. Someone one was interested in our house and wanted to come see it. They came in the afternoon and looked at the house. It seemed like they were there forever. Marvin finally calls me and tells me they are gone and when I get back from our little drive with the girls and the dogs. Marvin then tells me he got a call with an offer. I could not believe it... really already. They offered $230,000. Marvin counter offered against our realtors advice at $235,000 and they accepted. I was in shock. Everything was falling into place for us to get this new house. Time flew by super fast and then all of a sudden we were handing the keys over to the new owners and I was crying as we drove away. I really loved the house we were in. The locations was great our neighbors were even better and we had a beautiful home. Marvin reassured me that everything would be fine.

So right now as I type this I am sitting in a 2 bed 2 bath house that is jammed pack of boxes. We went from a 2400 sqft home to a temporary 1400 sqft home. We get on each others nerves and we have no were to go to escape the kids loud noises but we are thankful for our blessings. I am so thankful for Marvin and his hard work that he puts in everyday so we can have the nice things that we have. I am thankful that he loves and cares so much for his family that he does those things for us. We received an email saying that we should receive the keys to our new home on July 18 2014. We have one month left and we will be moving into our 3400sqft. So excited I can hardly stand it.

In March I got a phone call from my mom. She told me she had some news about my dad. He had some lumps in his neck that he had gone to get checked and the doctors told him he had a mass above his heart as well. I was so worried about him but he had had lumps removed before and nothing was wrong so I was holding onto the faith that that was what was going on this time.

April came and my parents were able to make a trip down to come visit us. We had a great time. We took them by to see where our house would be and did some shopping and crafting as usual. Then before I new it, we were saying goodbye. When I was saying good bye to my dad I could not stop crying. He kept telling me everything would be okay and we would see each other again soon. But I still couldn't shake off what the doctors had told us. For most of the day that day I would just start crying out of the blue. It was so hard seeing them drive away. A couple days went by and we got the results form the doctor. My dad was diagnosed with Stage 2 Thyroid Cancer. All I remember from that day is I was trying not to cry on the phone as my dad was telling me and as soon as I hung up the phone the tears started rolling down. My Father is one of the strongest person I know. His faith in our Heavenly Father is so strong. He has had two surgeries since then and so far the only cancer they have found was in his thyroid. The first surgery they removed a lump in his neck and half of his thyroid. The second surgery they removed the mass in his chest. He has one more surgery to get another lump out of his neck and the other half of his thyroid. He is such a great example to me and I am so happy and proud to call him my Daddy.

In May Marvin hired his first employee for Home Designs by Marvin. So far it is working out great. Ammon is a hard worker that does everything that Marvin needs him to do. Since Marvin does a lot of work from home Ammon is Great with our Girls. He puts up with their screaming and talking none stop and doesn't seem to mind to much. Although I don't think he really has a choice ;)
Also in May Marvin and I decided to take a weekend getaway to California. So we left the girls with Amy and headed to LA. It was so nice to be able to spend some one on one time with him. I sure love that man!

June hasn't really been to eventful yet other than we have done yard sells every Saturday. We have done okay but it would go a lot better if someone would stop taking all our signs. Oh well... Anyway I hope this brings you up to date on what is going on at our house. Hopefully it wont be another 6 months before I get back on.  ;)

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